ClimDev Special Fund [NDF C64]

The objective of ClimDev Special Fund (CDSF) is to strengthen the institutional capacities of African national and sub-regional bodies to formulate and implement effective climate-sensitive policies by providing up-to-date information to support related activities.

Regional Africa
ClimDev Special Fund
Ref: NDF C64

EUR 5.0 million 
Project period: 2014-2019
Partner agency: African Development Bank


ClimDev-Africa Special Fund (CDSF) forms one of the three elements of ClimDev Africa Programme, the others being the African Climate Policy Centre at UNECA, and the Climate Change and Desertification Control Unit at the AUC.
The CDSF has three areas of intervention: 1) generation, wide dissemination and use of high quality climate information for development in Africa; 2) capacity enhancement of policy makers and policy support institutions; and 3) implementation of pilot practices that demonstrate the value of mainstreaming climate information in development planning and practices to inform decision-makers. Both adaptation and mitigation projects will be funded by CDSF.
The objective of CDSF is to strengthen the institutional capacities of national and sub-regional bodies to formulate and implement effective climate-sensitive policies by providing up-to-date information to support related activities. 

The CDSF will support demand driven projects within climate change and development, and support will be provided as grants to individual African countries, organizations and institutions.
Indicative activities that could be supported include for example:
1. More effective data collection, communication and use of existing climate observation information and services;
2. Development of early warning systems and short-term and seasonal forecast, including indigenous knowledge systems where relevant;
3. Development of knowledge management systems for shared information, knowledge, experience and best practices;
4. Economic and cost-benefit assessments of policies and practices to build resilience and adaptation to climate;
5. Development  and compilation of best practices to build resilience and adapt to climate change at regional, national and local level;
6. Mainstreaming climate variability and change into sectorial planning and practice, e.g. water resources, agriculture, health, urbanisation and infrastructure;
7. Increasing capacity for African countries to use the Climate Risk Management and Adaptation (CRMA) strategy to ensure that development projects at risk take climate change into account;
8. Implementing pilot practices that build climate resilience and climate change adaptation, e.g. in water resources, agriculture, health, urbanisation, infrastructure and at community level; and
9. Training, outreach and awareness-raising to increase the use of climate resilient and adaptation best practice at various levels.


It is estimated that the fund’s need over the coming three years is EUR 136 million. NDF is contributing with EUR 5 million, the AfDB EUR will contribute with 40 million once the fund is active, Sida with EUR 9 million (SEK78 million, 2013-2015), and the European Union with EUR 20 million.

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Program Manager Aage Jørgensen
Telephone +358 10 618 002

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