Principles of engagement

Operational efficiency is addressed by our principles of engagement - complement, co-create and convene. They will steer and guide NDF, cutting across all activities we undertake.


We structure and build projects with high potential, while drawing on our previous experience from similar projects.

We contribute with our experience, willingness to invest time and effort, and expose ourselves to the risk of a project not materialising. Breaking new ground is difficult, but needed, to find the most impactful interventions and structures in immature and high-risk environments.


We convene like-minded providers of funding to obtain momentum, economies of scale, and critical financing thresholds.

We contribute with our convening power by drawing on NDF's unique position as the joint, and only, Nordic climate and development finance institution, and long-standing relationships with a large number of multilateral development banks (MDBs), development finance institutions (DFIs) and other partners.


We complement where possible, to enable sufficient scales of investment and to bring projects across critical financing thresholds.

We contribute with our financing and willingness to take risk when it makes a decisive difference.

Photo credit: Miguel Oliveira/EEP Africa