Legal framework,
policies and guidelines

The Nordic Development Fund is an international financial institution (IFI *) governed by its constituent documents: the Agreement concerning NDF between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden; the NDF Statutes; as well as the Host Country Agreement concluded between NDF and the Government of Finland. Each Nordic country has endorsed the Agreement concerning NDF in accordance with its respective national procedures.


As an IFI, NDF has the status of an international legal person with full legal capacity to enter into agreements; to acquire and dispose of immovable and movable property; and to be a party to legal proceedings. Furthermore, the constituent documents define the privileges and immunities of NDF and its personnel and set out the structure for the governance of the Fund. As an international legal person, NDF is not entered into the trade register in any of the member countries.

In its governance principles, NDF promotes sustainability, equality, transparency, predictability, accountability and responsibility.

In addition to the constituent documents, NDF's activities are governed by a number of policies, guidelines and strategies adopted by the Board of Directors or the Managing Director.

*International Financial Institution is a financial institution that has been established by more than one country, and hence is a subject of public international law. Its owners or member are generally national governments. 

Our publicly available policies and guidelines can be found in the file listing below.