Report misconduct and corruption

Contact NDF to report concerns or evidence that prohibited practices may have occurred or are occurring related to any NDF-financed activity. You may report allegations to NDF by using the web-form below.

You can also contact NDF by e-mail, mail, in person or by telephone. Any information provided through the web form, to the e-mail address below or by mail addressed to the NDF Anticorruption Committee will be handled by the Anticorruption Committee in confidence and shared within NDF only on a strict need to know basis.  Information on prohibited practices may also be provided to NDF staff members who will hand it over to the Anticorruption Committee. 

Reports may be made anonymously. However, as anonymous reports are difficult to investigate, anyone making an allegation is encouraged to provide some means that will allow NDF’s Anticorruption Committee to communicate with him or her.

Anticorruption Committee
P.O Box 185, 00170 Helsinki

Tel.: +358 10 618 002
(request to be connected to a member of the NDF Anticorruption Committee)

Web form to report suspected misconduct