Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to advance Nordic leadership in addressing climate change and development challenges through financing, knowledge and partnerships. 

Together with our strategic partners, we develop, launch and scale high-impact projects to support developing countries and the most vulnerable people affected by climate change.


Our Values

Thrive Together

The key to great collaboration in the workplace community is transparency, respect and trust.

Strive for excellence

We foster an environment where we learn, innovate, allow mistakes and celebrate success.

Drive Change

We make a difference by joining forces with partners to leverage our financing and competence.

Our Mandate

The key elements of the Mandate constitute the foundation for NDF's operations and reflect the priorities by the member countries. 

Nexus between climate and development

The two most pressing global issues, especially where these are interlinked and mutually reinforcing

Concessionary financing

Agile and flexible approach to respond to what markets, countries and situations need most

Focus on lower-income countries and
countries in fragile situations

The countries where climate change impact is most severe and development needs are the greatest

Nordic priorities

Distinct priorities, Nordic identity, and a unique combination of prioritised topics

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