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As the demand for climate change financing is constantly evolving, our approach is to respond quickly and appropriately by using financing instruments flexibly to build a portfolio of projects along the three pathways.

Advancing Nordic leadership

NDF is the natural hub to align the Nordic countries, unite forces and act as one where interests overlap. Reinforced by our strategic partnerships with other climate and development institutions, Nordic leadership can be leveraged. It brings competencies and knowledge together, thus creating synergies in strategic partnerships.

Supporting early-stage project design and structures

We utilise our experience, leverage insights, and contribute lessons learned for early-stage design and structures. This will help countries and projects accelerate and bring projects to financial close. 

The early-stage interventions concentrate funding to where some of the greatest and more innovative high-impact projects can be found.

Providing catalytic financing for launch and scale

There is a triple financing gap - of climate adaptation, of emerging markets broadly, and of projects in the intersection of public and private markets.

We take higher risks, provide patient capital and can thus crowd in more capital from others. Catalytic financing and partnerships increase the funding volumes, scales and thus impact.

Photo credit: Naps Systems Oy