Integrity and anticorruption


Good governance

We aim at best practices in the field of corporate governance.

NDF is governed by its constituent documents. In addition, NDF’s activities are governed by a number of policies, guidelines and instructions. NDF aims at fighting corruption in both its external and internal activities and has adopted guidelines for combating corruption, including money laundering and international terrorism. NDF also has a committee on fighting corruption, which deals with both corruption prevention and cases of suspected corruption.

The work of NDF’s decision-making bodies and supervisory body is governed by rules of procedure. Codes of conduct have been adopted to further enhance best governance practices.

We are committed to the development and well-being of our employees and underscore the importance of dedicated employees for the organisation's performance. NDF's intention is to act as a good corporate citizen and to offer interesting, motivating and safe jobs to its employees. The purpose of NDF's staff policy is to create an attractive and professionally stimulating work environment. The policy builds on transparency, predictability and the reasonable, consistent, equal and equitable treatment of all employees.

Integrity and anticorruption

NDF works actively to prevent, detect and follow up on potential misconduct and misuse of funds in its projects and other activities. Any person observing or suspecting on reasonable grounds that corruption, fraud, collusion, coercion or obstruction (“Prohibited Practices”) is occurring in any NDF-financed activities is encouraged to report such concerns to the Fund.

Report suspected misconduct and corruption

Allegations of Prohibited Practices will be investigated and followed up on in accordance with NDF's Anticorruption Guidelines.

NDF's Policy on Anticorruption and Integrity incorporates similar principles relating to integrity and anticorruption as its main co-financing partners have adopted, including a commitment to enforce cross-debarments triggered under the Cross-Debarment Agreement of 2010 between several  multilateral development banks. Under the Policy, corruption, fraud, collusion, coercion and obstruction is prohibited in relation to NDF projects, activities and NDF funds.

NDF's Policy on Anticorruption and Integrity

NDF's Anticorruption Guidelines

Politique contre la corruption et pour l'integrite du FND

FND Política Anticorrupción y de Integridad