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New video: meet the Jaza Stars


Jaza Energy brings affordable energy access to low-income communities in Tanzania through women-operated solar hubs and battery rentals

In rural Tanzania, Jaza Energy creates new job opportunities for women through accessible energy. Called Jaza Stars, these young women are leading the energy transition in their villages and gaining new skills and income opportunities.

In this video, we follow the story of Raheli, a Jaza Star in Kigoma, and her customer Fabian, who uses the pack to power his small barbershop.

This video is produced for EEP Africa and NDF. The video is presented by World Energy Council as part of #HumanisingEnergy and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.


About Jaza Energy

Jaza Energy, a grantee of EEP Africa, is a company based in rural Tanzania that has hired an all-female team to manage its solar energy hubs. Women operate some 60 solar energy hubs in villages throughout Tanzania, offering home electrification kits and rental battery packs, as an affordable alternative to koroboi. The project delivers clean energy access to some 15,000 people in remote villages and has created employment for 180 women.