The Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project 2 (FIEFOC 2) [NDF C87]

The project’s specific objectives are to improve household incomes, food security and climate resilience through development of agricultural infrastructure, specifically, 5 new small and medium scale irrigation schemes and related civil works, packaged with agribusiness development and integrated sustainable natural resources management.

The Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project 2 (FIEFOC 2)
Ref: NDF C87

EUR 5.25 million
Project Period: 2016-2021
Partner Agency: African Development Bank (AfDB)
Implementing Agency: Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE)


The Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project 2 (FIEFOC 2) is the successor project to FIEFOC 1 which was implemented between 2006 and 2012 and funded jointly by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and NDF.

FIEFOC 2 targets improvements in farm incomes, rural livelihoods, household food security and climate resilience through expansion of rural irrigation schemes together with development of agribusiness and integrated natural resources management. Over a 5 year period, it will support integrated development of 5 new small- and medium-scale agricultural irrigation schemes covering districts in the East, West and North of the country.

It will expand the achievements of the first phase, which resulted in rehabilitation of 3 existing schemes covering 2,328 hectares and improved forest coverage on approximately 31,000 hectares in upstream watersheds. It will also improve on sustainability from the first phase with a more targeted approach, complementing installation of physical infrastructure with extensive training and capacity development in agribusiness development, natural resources management and climate smart agriculture.

The project is, by design, a strategic response to the impacts of climate change in Uganda and will enable project beneficiaries and communities to transition from predominantly rain-fed and climate-vulnerable, subsistence agriculture to more sustainable, productive and climate-resilient agricultural models.


The overall cost of the project is approximately USD 91.7 million, including approximately USD 5.9 million from NDF (EUR 5.25 million), USD 76.7 million from the AfDB and USD 9.1 million from the Government of Uganda.

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Program Manager Martina Jägerhorn
Telephone +358 10 618 002

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