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SOFF receives additional financing from NDF


The NDF Board has decided to support the Systematic Observation Financing Facility (SOFF) with additional financing of EUR 6 million to close basic weather and climate observations gaps through financial and technical assistance.   

SOFF, an international initiative spearheaded by the World Meteorological Organisation, supports and facilitates the sustained collection and international exchange of surface-based weather and climate observations in least developed countries. This work will unlock improved weather forecasts, early warning systems and climate information services.

Since this initiative's inception, NDF has been integral in the design and implementation of the Facility as its first funder and as a co-chair for two consecutive years. Now, 11 other donors have joined this initiative.

This year, the SOFF Steering Committee convened in Iceland (18-19 June) for its 8th meeting. The Committee brought together financiers and other stakeholders to discuss the progress and strategic direction of the Facility. Satu Santala, NDF’s Managing Director, announced the additional financing for SOFF: “We are extremely proud to be part of this initiative, and we have seen it grow from close. This initiative provides a foundation to develop much needed adaptation solutions that save lives and livelihoods in regions, where climate change impacts are devastating. The additional EUR 6 million and our total financing is a testimony of how important and foundational we perceive SOFF to be.”

During the Steering Committee meeting we observed additional pledges from Austria, Belgium and Iceland. Alongside these new commitments, the Steering Committee approved funding for investments and for capacity building activities in Chad and Uganda.

Global results with Nordic support

In addition to NDF’s continued support, the Nordic countries are involved in the implementation of SOFF with financial and advisory contributions. All five Nordic meteorological offices are involved as peer advisors in the implementation providing technical advice and analytical support to beneficiary countries in designing and implementing activities.

“The Icelandic Met Office has been involved in the establishment of SOFF from the beginning. We are extremely pleased with the success it has already reached. We believe that the involvement of peer-advisors in the project is a way for met offices to share their capacity where it is most needed, but also for peer-advisors to gain insights and understanding to bring back to their own organizations,” says Jórunn Harðardóttir from the Icelandic Metorological Office.

Iceland, as a financial contributor to SOFF and the host of this year’s Steering Committee, has a key role to play in the implementation of the initiative. The Icelandic Met Office sees SOFF as a fundamental entity for the sustainability of weather observation and data management in LDCs and SIDS. “Lack of sustainability has been a major issue in many donor projects, but we foresee that the three-pillar structure of SOFF, with the beneficiary countries, peer advisors and the implementing entities, will lead to long-lasting partnerships to address this issue.”


Photo: Silvia Markli/World Meteorological Organization