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Our Results Report paves the way for a hopeful future


We are excited to announce the release of our 2023 Results Report, highlighting NDF's contributions to tackling global challenges at the intersection of climate and development. This report is enriched with data and showcasing voices behind the data.

In 2023, we observed an alarming rise in severe climate events, including record-breaking global temperatures, extreme flooding, and droughts, and a significant increase in the number of people affected by climate shocks.

As co-financiers, we prioritise collaboration with our strategic partners to build sustainable and climate-resilient societies. We continually assess our impact and results to improve our efforts and to ensure we reach those who need support the most. In our third edition of the Results Report, we show how the knowledge and data from the portfolio analysis ensures that our strategic decision-making is aligned with our mandate and purpose.

“Starting my journey as NDF’s new Managing Director, I am encouraged by the strong results showing NDF’s ability to make an impact. As a learning organisation, we will use the knowledge derived from this report for our strategic decision-making going forward,” says Satu Santala, NDF’s Managing Director. “At the same time, I and the entire NDF team are committed to redoubling our efforts to contribute to increased speed and scale of climate finance in response to urgent needs.”

Committed to mobilising climate finance

Our data shows our strong commitment to fighting climate change globally and building climate-resilient societies in the least developed countries and countries in fragile situations. This year, our co-financing contributed to catalysing EUR 1.4. billion additional climate finance and increasing access to clean energy to 57 million people, of which 50% are women. We have also supported jobs for over 85,000 people in the countries we work in, of which 40% are women.

Gender equality is a priority for us. Climate change hits women and girls the most, especially in the Global South. At NDF, we ensure that the gender lens is considered in the projects we finance. We do this because gender equality is a strong Nordic value and because it is essential for building climate-resilient societies. In this report, you will see gender equality actively reflected in the projects and data that we are showcasing.

It is crucial to keep mobilising climate finance for climate solutions that improve the lives of vulnerable communities. We continue to manage our impact and results to understand how we can do even better.

“Climate change is a profound threat to our human existence, exacerbating existing inequalities and vulnerabilities. We urgently need to speed up our action and mobilise more financing to save our planet and all of us who call it a home,” says Satu.