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Investing in resilience at scale while ensuring no one is left behind


NDF supports the Community Resilience Partnership Program for Asia and the Pacific

The NDF Board has approved a EUR 6.0 million grant to the Asian Development Bank to establish the Community Resilience Partnership Program (CRPP), a 10-year initiative with a first phase from 2021-2024.
The CRPP will be an action-oriented partnership to support low-income and fragile countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific to scale up investments in local resilience that aim at transformational changes. The CRPP tackles the nexus between poverty, gender and climate change through investments that explicitly strengthen the resilience of the poor and marginalised populations. The Program will prepare and finance investments that provide financial resources in the hands of the poor communities. There will also be focus on creation of space to meaningfully engage the poor and vulnerable population in decision-making related to resilience-building.
The CRPP includes a dedicated window supporting gender equality. About one third of the NDF grant is for the gender window.

The establishment of the CRPP is timely. The economic outlook for Asia and the Pacific show negative growth rates for 2020 and the COVID-19 shock is not only keeping people in poverty, but also creating a class of "new poor." The CRPP will support the post-COVID-19 recovery and assist countries and communities in building back better and greener through investments in gender-responsive and pro-poor resilience projects.
The Program will bring like-minded partners together, including global policy and research organisations, financial institutions, civil society organisations, bilateral donors, and philanthropic organisations to collectively support governments and communities in scaling up local resilience.
The CRPP will be presented at an anchor event on locally-led adaptation at the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 on 26 January 2021.

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