Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to our primary focus on climate change and thus the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13, we work in a holistic way towards the development challenges spelled out in the other sixteen SDGs, recognising the interlinkages to and actively seeking co-benefits with other SDGs, not least with regard to environmental objectives.

Today climate change is a global, all-encompassing agenda for both human and natural systems. Critical global commitments are set forth in the Paris Agreement on climate change and in the SDG framework in which goal number 13 specifically targets urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Together with the other sixteen goals, the SDG framework provides a joint effort for poverty elimination with specific goals addressing, for example, health and education, reduction of inequality, and sustainable economic growth.

NDF is increasingly seeking to ensure that its activities contribute towards the achievement of many of the UN’s SDGs. The five new projects approved by NDF in 2020 particularly target the following SDGs.

Photo credit: Jesper Andersen / NDF