Our impact

Our Impact is linked to and derived from our Purpose, where our Purpose describes the overarching objectives and what we are striving to achieve. 

Our Purpose is to advance Nordic leadership in addressing climate change and development challenges through financing, knowledge and partnerships. Together with our strategic partners, we develop, launch and scale high-impact projects to support developing countries and the most vulnerable people affected by climate change.


From the Purpose, and the overarching objectives, three guiding targets have been defined that reflect the priorities of the member countries:

Nexus between climate and development

The two most pressing global issues, especially where these are interlinked and mutually reinforcing

Concessionary financing

Agile and flexible approach to respond to what markets, countries and situations need most

Focus on lower-income countries and countries in fragile situations

The countries where climate change impact is most severe and development needs are the greatest

Nordic priorities

Distinct priorities, Nordic identity, and a unique combination of prioritised topics

Our Purpose and Mandate combined define our strategic direction. Three guiding targets have been defined.


At least 50% directed towards adaptation projects

Country focus

At least 60% targeted
towards Sub-Saharan Africa


At least 50%
of financing with grants

We recognise both adaptation and mitigation activities as critical in responding to the causes and consequences of climate change.

We strive to achieve results within climate change adaptation and mitigation to increase resilience, reduce vulnerability and create ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change especially among the most vulnerable populations, and to advance reduced emissions and accelerated development to a climate-neutral future compatible with the Paris Agreement.

Photo credit: Miguel Oliveira / EEP Africa