NDF at COP26

We are organising a set of engaging COP26 side events at the Nordic Venues hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Join our events in the Nordic Pavilion in Glasgow, in the Nordic Hub in Helsinki or watch our streamed events online.

We welcome you to join our side events in connection to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). The Summit will be hosted by the UK in Glasgow, 31 October - 12 November 2021.

Our events will bring together key climate finance actors, decision-makers, and academics from all over the world. 

In Glasgow, NDF events will be organised at the Nordic Pavilion in Hall 4, Pavilion 45 at the SEC Centre (COP26 venue). In Helsinki, NDF event will take place at the Nordic Hub (Nordic Culture Point, Kaisaniemenkatu 9). Both the Nordic Pavilion and the Nordic Hub in Helsinki are hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Please note that the event details will be updated soon - visit this page again for more information.


8 November 2021

13.15-14.00 GMT - Let's talk about adaptation

Which solutions would work best in the developing countries?

In this participatory event we get down to the roots of climate change adaptation. What are the main obstacles? How can we find the way around them? You can throw the ball to our public and private sector experts and help define the main challenges and solutions, with a focus on low income countries.

Location: Nordic Pavilion, COP26 Venue (Hall 4), Glasgow & Online streaming (link will follow)


11 November 2021

13.15-14.15 EET - Towards a more liveable planet 

How does Nordic financing contribute to the green transition?

How are the Nordics addressing climate change and contributing to a liveable planet? Owned by the Nordic countries, NDF, Nefco and NIB showcase impactful climate actions on a global scale. In this event we discuss the role of green financing in building sustainable and competitive economies. By invitation only, streaming available for the public.

Location: Nordic Hub, Helsinki & Online streaming (link will follow)


18.00-19.00 GMT - Green and liveable cities in Africa

How can innovative urban development unlock sustainable economic recovery?

Urbanisation is a big challenge in Africa, but a people-centred and climate-proof approach can turn this to an opportunity. Experiences from Nordic cities and businesses show that such a model can bring economic growth, jobs for youth, services and liveable neighbourhoods.

Location: Nordic Pavilion, COP26 Venue (Hall 4), Glasgow & Online streaming (link will follow)


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